Transparency & Trust: The Vital Role of Service Provider Status Pages

An open call for service status transparency among legal cloud service providers.

NetDocuments is in the business of trust. We securely store and deliver content services for our global customers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Every consumer has expectations that their product partners are honest. The NetDocuments team believes honesty and transparency are two sides of the same coin.  

One unwavering promise we make to our customers: NetDocuments service is available when they need it. Our service status pages present real-time service health and performance. Each global region has a dedicated page to allow customers to focus on regions relevant to their business. Gone are the days when downtime was something software companies kept secret.

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Harper Grey LLP Chooses NetDocuments Cloud-based Content Management Platform

First firm in Vancouver to embrace NetDocuments' cloud-based platform joining the nearly 1,600 Canadians who use NetDocuments.

harper grey law firm logoSalt Lake City, UT – July 10, 2018 – NetDocuments, the leading cloud-based content management platform for law firms and corporate legal and compliance departments, announced today that Vancouver-based Harper Grey, one of the leading regional law firms in Western Canada, has selected NetDocuments as a foundation for the firm’s transformation to a more agile and innovative delivery of legal services. The firm chose the secure, localized, cloud-based NetDocuments platform including its ndMail predictive email solution after extensive competitive review and evaluation of other legal document management providers. The addition of Harper Grey underscores NetDocuments’ momentum in Canada.

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NetDocuments Releases ndThread™ for Secure Messaging and Collaboration Among Professionals

Modern, matter-based conversation and collaboration solution built within NetDocuments’ secure cloud platform is now available to customers worldwide.

netdocuments ndthread logo

Salt Lake City, UT – May 23, 2018 – NetDocuments, the leading cloud-based content management platform for law firms and corporate legal and compliance departments, has officially released ndThread, a social collaboration and matter-based messaging tool built within the NetDocuments cloud platform – now available to NetDocuments customers and prospects worldwide. The ndThread product comes to market less than six months after NetDocuments acquired the ThreadKM collaborative messaging technology. ndThread is available as a native cloud service embedded within the NetDocuments platform and accessible through the web, desktop, and mobile applications.

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NetDocuments Announces NetDocuments OCR for Advanced Document and Image Management

NetDocuments will deliver OCR and image compression functionality to its customers as an optional, built-in feature using DocsCorp’s patented contentCrawler technology.

netdocuments logo

Salt Lake City, UT – May 16, 2018 - NetDocuments, the leading cloud-based document and email management (DMS) platform for law firms and corporate legal and compliance departments, today announced a unique and exclusive integration with DocsCorp, widely recognized as a leading provider of productivity tools and services for document management professionals. NetDocuments Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an OCR and image compression technology delivered as a secured cloud-to-cloud service without requiring any on-premises software to be installed. NetDocuments OCR is powered by DocsCorp’s patented contentCrawler, a cloud-based content analysis technology, maintaining NetDocuments market-leading compliance standards and service-level standards.

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NetDocuments Advances Interface Usability with 18.1 Global Service Release

Salt Lake City, UT – May 2, 2018 – NetDocuments, the leading cloud-based document and email management (DMS) provider for law firms and corporate legal departments, today unveiled release 18.1, delivering continued UI/UX enhancements across the global document and email management service.

Now servicing over 2,500 global law firms, legal departments, and corporations, the NetDocuments ‘single cloud platform’ is updated through quarterly releases containing the latest in security and compliance, usability, and product innovation. The software release schedule enables customer firms and their clients to work with documents and email in a more secure, easy to use, and productive manner. And, work with the latest platform updates regardless of firm size, complexity or requirements.

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Shook Hardy & Bacon Selects NetDocuments Cloud Platform

shook hardy & bacon logo

Salt Lake City, UT – April 18, 2018 – NetDocuments, the leading secure cloud-based platform for law firms and corporate legal and compliance departments, announced today that Shook Hardy & Bacon has selected NetDocuments as the central piece of the firm’s cloud initiative for modern collaboration, usability, security and compliance across the firm offices and legal professionals.

Shook views technology as a key enabler to delivering superior customer service and value to its clients. Based on a thorough review of available technology in the market, the firm selected NetDocuments and its mature and innovative, future-focused cloud platform.

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Create One Compliance Boundary in the Digital Era: Maximize GDPR Compliance with NetDocuments

Digital transformation accelerates change and introduces opportunity. More digital content will be created over the next year than in the previous thousand. Successful business leaders recognize that information is at the heart of the digital age. How information is managed, secured and leveraged is the difference between progress and a plateau in your business.

You need partners. In our previous post, we discussed our secure platform and how we comply with standards and our platform tools – read the previous post. Data protection is a NetDocuments core competency and we want to share tools to help you deliver  One Compliance Boundary. This boundary is a critical foundation to enable General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance in the digital-first world. NetDocuments’ platform compliance boundary is based on encryption, DLP, Entity Extraction and retention/security policies. This provides effective security by design and by default.

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Husch Blackwell selects NetDocuments cloud-based DMS & Email Management Platform

husch blackwell logo

Selection based on extensive legal document management due diligence review; NetDocuments to support matter collaboration and document governance for 700 lawyers and 1,500 employees across 19 US offices.

Salt Lake City, UT – March 20, 2018 – NetDocuments, the leading secure cloud-based platform for law firms and corporate legal and compliance departments, announced today that Husch Blackwell has selected NetDocuments as a foundational piece for the firm’s collaboration, security and compliance initiatives. The NetDocuments document and email management platform, which met stringent security and collaboration demands, will protect the Am Law 100 firm’s work product across its network of 19 offices, spanning 1,500 employees.

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